Matt Choi-The Original Founder


Matt Choi is the founder of Certus Trading and chief strategist. Certus Trading is a trading education company that aims to help investors and traders make consistent profits using stocks, ETFs and options. Matt has more than 16 years experience trading the markets. He is also the author of The Winning Way which outlines the importance of having a winning mentality for Certus Trading Reviews success.

From where did Certus Trading’s idea come?
It is actually a direct result of my own trading journey. We are a trading education business. We help students become profitable traders, and we show them how to be consistent and make money.

“Certus”, which is Latin for certainty, is actually what it means. In my early trading days I tried to be perfect. However, I eventually realized that this was impossible.

The market is not a place of absolute certainty. There is no holy Grail. The way I approached trading was not the best. Because there are so many people in the market, things can change at any moment. It’s not me alone. It’s not just me who trades. There is no way to predict the market with 100% certainty.

My trading approach has changed. Instead, we want an edge that repeats itself repeatedly — repetitive patterns. This is how we trade. I know that we are wrong. My students and I use the word “certus”, which serves as a constant reminder of how trading should be approached in order to succeed.

How do you make your day more productive?
I wake up every morning to do a quick workout. After that, I prepare breakfast for my son and then take him to school. I then review my trades to see if any action is required. If it seems like it will be a regular day in Asia, I won’t go back to the markets until the morning.

Many traders spend too much time staring at their screens, which I find very counterproductive. Trader’s hearing is affected by the volume of trading. If you’re not a day trader, it is unnecessary to stare at the screen for long periods of time.

I will respond to email students in the middle of the morning to help them trade and schedule coaching calls with them. So that I can focus while coaching my students, I only make a handful of calls per week.

My day job is to run Certus Trading. We are always looking for traders who can learn my trading method and spend a lot time making sure our students succeed. To ensure we achieve our goals, we also hold conference calls with our partners, the tech team and our customer service staff.

When the markets close, I’m looking for trading opportunities and set-ups in the late afternoon. It’s time for family. My wife is an excellent cook so I help her find the right wine for us to enjoy that evening. I also spend quality time with my child. We discuss the day and what happened at school. It’s important. My wife and I then get our child ready to go to bed. I read to him, bathe him, and then I send trade alerts to my students. Then I am ready to start trading the next day.

We can catch up on sports if we have the time. It’s a pretty normal day. It’s very productive for me. We get the work done quickly, and I get to spend time with my family.

How can you bring your ideas to life?
This is a great question. Let me start by saying that I am a rule-based trader. This means that I create a strategy to ensure that A, B, or C happen, then I will trigger a trade. Finding the right combination of A, B, & C is key. It takes time to develop and test each strategy, but once it passes the test and I have used it for a while, the strategy is mine forever.

It’s quite simple to be an educator. It’s simple. I teach only what I find useful and then I ask questions. This is something that I can teach. What can I do to communicate the idea and strategy to my students. Do they understand it?

If that is possible, I will move on to the business part of the process. Is it possible to sell this? Are we able to attract the right people? How can we market this education If people are honest and help others, I believe it will create a sustainable business.