Soccer History’s Most Influential People

The Chinese influence the soccer game. Documentary evidence from VaoroiTV history indicates that a game or exercise that involves kicking a football into a small net was played during the Han Dynasty. There was an earlier evidence at Kyoto that the field was intended for a game of ball-kicking.

It’s impossible to know exactly where and when the soccer game originated. While it’s reasonable to assume that soccer is a result of a game of basketball played over 3000 year, it is not certain.

Both the ancient Romans, and the Greeks, played a type of soccer game that is similar to modern soccer. Teams can have up 27 players in the beginning, however.

It’s difficult to know the exact history of soccer. England and Scotland were believed to be co-founders. Soccer, which is what it was called here in Britain, became the most beloved sport after the 8th century. Britain is where the modern soccer and the association football were born.