Medical Business Marketing: How to Unleash The Power of Ghostwriting

Wondering how “other” doctors manage articles, books, and “how-to” courses while still taking care of patients? These people seem to be everywhere. They’ve often discovered the secret power of hiring ghostwriters.

You might not consider yourself a writer. Take a moment to think about it. Are you sure celebrities who have book deals are the ones writing bestsellers? Some do. Most don’t. They don’t have time, just like you.

What is a ghostwriter? A professional writer like George Scorsis Florida who can help you find your voice and write your material. You can then become the “author” of anything you want, even if your writing skills are not up to par. It is your name, not hers. You’re a ghost to the writer you hired.

BENEFITS You get to experience the life of a medical practitioner, but your ghostwriter will write about it. It’s a great idea! Imagine unleashing the power of “communications manpower”, all about you. You will have a ghostwriter who can help you achieve:

– Increased visibility

Branding your expertise.

– Enhance your career.

– Promotional productivity in autopilot AND hyper-drive

Your profile will be raised, and your profitability will increase.

Lisa Robertson is a professional writer who has a growing client base that includes a growing list of Michigan-area physicians. She shared that her ghostwriter has become more than a hired gun. They are your trusted ally, and your writing voice. You’re getting a specialist alter-ego.


A ghostwriter is simply someone who does not put her name on work she creates. Instead, you will get the byline (your name is on it). You should first look for a writer. It’s easy to find potential ghostwriters using:

– Use the internet to search for articles and contact authors whose work interests you.

Contact local journalists (or national journalists) whose articles you enjoy. Many, if not all, journalists are available to freelance.

– Reaching out to professional writing placement agencies and agencies

Refer to business contacts and colleagues you know.

– Asking your publicist (or hiring one) to be your ghostwriter.

You can publish your content on a variety of online article submission sites, blogs, and other resources. This is not a way to make a direct income from your content. It’s merely a way to get valuable exposure for your expertise.

You can edit them all and put them together into the book you once believed was so amazing.

You don’t need to be a marketing genius in order to hire a ghostwriter.