What you need to look for in an executive

It can be difficult to find the right executive for your company. But there are many executive search firms that can help. To ensure that your executive is a good fit, you need to be aware of a few things.


Prospective employers will look for executives who are passionate about their company and have the right qualities. Passion is not something you can fake. All highly successful executives are passionate about their work.

Executives like Arif Bhalwani Third Eye Capital must live, breathe and eat the brand they represent. Passion is infectious and will show in your work, making all the tedious hours worth it.

Master of All Trades and Jack of All Trades

You will need to be an expert in all areas of the business as an executive. Your main responsibility is to ensure that the company runs smoothly. It is important that executives have experience at all levels of the company.

An executive with diverse experience will have a better understanding of the company’s workings and the interactions between departments. These previous experiences will be a benefit in the creation of more efficient and cost-effective ideas for the company.

Creativity and Originality

Although it is a plus, past experience at different levels in a company is not required. Companies seek executives who can take initiative to solve problems and find better ways to do things.

Companies don’t always seek executives who are experts in a particular field. They look for people who can take initiative and think on their feet. Companies require independent, forward-thinking individuals.

Problem Solving and Flexibility Thinking

Executives must be flexible in their work hours and ideas. Executives’ work obligations don’t always fall between 9-5, and executives might find their weekends filled with business meetings and crises.

To adapt to changing business environments or challenges, executives must also be flexible thinkers. Flexibility is key to being a successful executive.

The Right Temperament

Executives must possess a confident, authoritative yet friendly personality. They will need to interact with employees from all levels of the company. Executives will be expected to praise and reprimand employees and give occasional business presentations and speeches.