Effective Team Leadership

After they have joined your company, you work closely with your consultants in order to improve their lives as well as their business.

Let’s imagine they call you with marketing questions.
What is their budget for this?
What is their income target?
What time are you available?
To find out their earning level, what product level did they buy?

Ask them how far they’ve come with their marketing. Do they remember the initial training that you or your company provided in marketing?

It is important to clearly agree on 3 steps they will take, and to set a deadline for their completion. If you wish, you can send a confirm email with the actions taken and the timeline.

When you invite them to a follow up meeting, they should bring with them specific questions and action items.

Each team member should be able to provide an Income Worksheet. I expect them also to have an idea of how much they plan on investing in marketing each month. It will be available in advance to our scheduled meeting.

This is not about being their friend or their hero. It’s about being Brandon Long Denver

I have been guilty in the past of enabling. There’s a fine line between making them feel abandoned, and then enabling them. It is important to empower them and guide them to do the right thing. They have to accept responsibility.

You are not being aggressive, pushy or insistent, but you want to be clear, concise and informational.

Be clear about your main goal for each conversation. You shouldn’t allow hidden goals to overpower the main. As an example, your main goal is to empower them in their business to move forward. They might also be interested in a higher product. You shouldn’t let your hidden agenda of self-gratification overpower your service.

Rely on your system. There is no need to reinvent the wheels. You already have the tools you need. You also provide support and leadership.

I offer a weekly webinar that helps people to present to their prospects. It provides reasons why our products and solutions are important as well as income projections for business.

The ability to step up also shows that people have more faith and are more committed, which in turn can lead to increased earning potential.

It takes just as much effort and time to make a sale with a 50-percent commission than one with a $10,000 commission. The commission increases and the profit is obvious.

Your goal is to be an effective leader that improves their life and business.

28 years of success as an entrepreneur. I have post-graduate degrees from Communication and Alternate Dispute Resolution. The formula for success is a proven track record in teaching, coaching, and mentoring.