Social Media Networks Display Trending Topics

Trending topics are words, phrases or topics that have been discussed or tagged more than others. Users’ efforts may help make a topic popular, or it could be a news item or event. This feature has become more and more important in the social media world. It is a feature that everyone wants to participate in as it puts them on the spotlight.

Twitter was the first social media platform to introduce trending topics. You can find them when you log in to Twitter. They are listed on the left side of your screen with hashtags. Many companies run marketing campaigns that help them to be included in the top trending topics. If you look at today’s top twitter trending hashtags, #sendmeoreo is one of the top ten. This is a great example of how to use marketing strategies to create a brand.

Many marketers use them as a way to create content that helps them get traffic. If you are in the real estate business, you could find topics that relate to your field and discuss them on your blog or in an article. You also have to ensure that your article is interesting and well-written to keep your readers’ attention. You can then tweet the post and ask for retweets.

Google+ followed Twitter in 2011, launching a similar feature with a list 10 of the hottest trending subjects. These topics are displayed with the aid of Google Trends, Hot Searches. It is different from Twitter, because the popular topics on Twitter may not be popular on Google. The hashtags are displayed on the right side panel. The icons next to the trend show if it is getting more popular or not.

Facebook introduced its trending topics feature in the first quarter of this year. The feature is seen as being a bit late compared to the other social media platforms, but it’s better late than not. This feature will be called “Trending”, and it appears next to the News Feed. It will display all of the most popular topics/searches discussed on Facebook using their algorithm.

Social media marketing has many different facets, depending on the social media network that you use. All social media networks have similar features, such as trending topics. These can be very helpful if they are used correctly. This is a way to help you discuss something that is “trending” and give you more exposure.